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Nanodots: It's geometry with magnetic balls

Nanodots are kick-ass, take-no-prisoners, juiced-up super magnetic balls. They require no instructions and will never need an upgrade.

Featuring: no flashing lights, computer chips or batteries, these tactile magnetic balls derive their allure from sheer magnetic force and human imagination.

Nanodot magnetic balls | Buy Nanodots UK | The Nano Dots executive toy

We've prepared a number of Nanodot magnetic ball tutorials to help you get started. With just a few basic techniques and some practice, you'll build your own advanced creations in no time.

  • Video Series:
  • The Basics
    1-1 Lines
    1-2 Surfaces
    1-3 Triangles
  • Level I:
    1-1 Octahedra (Diamonds)
    2-2 Cubes
    2-3 Spheres
  • Level II:
    3-1 Tree Forms

In the secret Magnetic Labs, a hushed excitement looms, disrupted periodically by high powered elements smashing together, or exploding apart. Only under these circumstances do we find the awesomeness that is Nano Magnetics.

World Record: Largest Magnetic Sculpture

The record holder of the largest Nanodot magnetic balls sculpture was presented to Nano Magnetics in Hollywood California on January 14, 2011 in the GBK celebrity gift suite in honor of the Golden Globes.

The completed structure consisted of 550,000 individual Nanodots, and weighed over 600 Lbs!

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